TA-9256 UZB: Skills Strategies for Industrial Modernization and Inclusive Growth in Uzbekistan

ongoing Education
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Morphological study of solid waste

completed, July-September, 2017 Solid Waste Management
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The study of waste management system in Tashkent and Ferghana regions

Completed, November - December, 2016 Solid Waste Management
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Marketing research and analysis of local real estate market

Completed, January – March 2016 Social sector
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Development of communications strategy for Samarkand (SOVK) and Bukhara (BVK) water utility companies and support in implementation, World Bank “Samarkand and Bukhara sewerage project”, Credit No.IDA 46330-UZ.

Completed, January – August 2015. Water Supply and Sewerage
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Reintegration of victims of human trafficking

Completed, January – March 2015 Social sector
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Psychological testing of personnel for O’zbekiston Telekommunikatsiya Tarmoqlarini Boshqarmasi

Completed, June 2014 Аудит персонала
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Preparation of a preliminary feasibility study

Completed, November 2013 – November 2014 Промышленность
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