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Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- On 18 July 2019, the National Project Management Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a meeting of the Project Board of the Project "Assistance in the development of effective public administration and digital transformation" (hereinafter referred to as the Project).

The meeting was attended by the leadership of the NAPU, and the UNDP Permanent Representative in Uzbekistan, Matilda Dimovska.

During the meeting, the key objectives and goals of the joint Project with UNDP were discussed and discussed, and proposals were made to coordinate joint activities. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to make joint efforts to attract funds from international donors for the project and approve the revised Project Work Plan for 2019.

Among the main activities of the Project in the second half of 2019, we can highlight:

  • Assistance in the development of strategic and conceptual documents on digital transformation of public administration, including the Concept of the development of the "Electronic Government" system, the strategy "Digital Uzbekistan 2030" and others.
  • Information, analytical, organizational and technical assistance in improving the position of Uzbekistan in international rankings in the field of e-government, open data, effective management, innovation and others.
  • Digital transformation of the most sought-after state and municipal services, internal and inter-departmental processes, the creation of state-owned digital platforms to improve the quality of services and maximize the satisfaction of user needs, ensure uniform technological approaches, and reduce IT costs.
  • Pilot implementation of innovative digital solutions (using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics and others) to improve the efficiency and quality of public administration (provision of services, administrative processes, interaction, etc.).
  • Conducting applied research on current issues of digital transformation, including such topical issues as digital platforms, standards, business process reengineering, functional analysis, data-based management, innovative technologies (blockchain, machine learning, Internet of things, robotics, etc.) ).
  • Involvement of international and national consultants for the examination of legal, institutional, technical bases for the development of e-government and the digital economy and making recommendations for their improvement, taking into account the best international practices.
  • Organization of study tours of representatives of state structures of Uzbekistan responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing digital transformation to leading countries in the development of e-government and the introduction of innovative digital technologies in government.
  • Assistance in the professional development of the national system of training and retraining of personnel in the field of digital technologies, e-government and project management.
  • Development and strengthening of digital skills of civil servants on issues of effective public administration, innovation, improvement of public services, digital government, digital economy, blockchain and other project activities.
  • Assistance in the development of digital literacy of the population, raising awareness of the benefits of e-government, digital channels of services, etc.


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