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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 16 September 2019, a seminar was held in Tashkent region on the topic “Enhancing the participation of women in governance and business - a priority policy of the country”, organized by the Senate Oliy Majlis committees on budget and economic reforms and issues of women and gender equality together with the khokimiyat of the region.

Members of Senate committees, representatives of the Tashkent region khokimiyat, state and non-governmental organizations, commercial banks, as well as media workers attended the event.

As it was noted, by a resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures to Further Strengthen Guarantees of Labor Rights and Support Women’s Entrepreneurship” from 7 March 2019, urgent tasks were identified, aimed at strengthening guarantees for protecting the labor rights of women and further support their entrepreneurial initiatives. Based on this, the seminar focused on issues related to women entrepreneurs in the region, increasing their contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and family business, creating more opportunities for them to engage in small business and entrepreneurship, expanding the circle of businesswomen.

As a result of work carried out in the field of ensuring the employment of women in the region, over the past period of the current year, only 2,500 women have been registered as entrepreneurs, and jobs for those in need of social protection have been created for 4,000 women. In addition, the Women’s Committee, in cooperation with the regional employment department, has adopted a separate program for the employment of women who want to work in the region; working groups pay special attention to ensuring the employment of those who are in the category of social protection.

Along with this, commercial banks issued loans to the amount of about 100 billion soums for 1,175 women over the past period of 2019. In order to promote the possibilities of using soft loans, explanatory and propaganda events and training sessions were conducted.

Despite this, the seminar critically noted the presence of some problems in the field of supporting women’s entrepreneurship. In particular, it was emphasized that this is observed when land plots are allocated to women farmers, payments are made to them, business women are provided with premises, bank loans and compensation for the demolition of buildings.

During the seminar, suggestions and recommendations were made to address the problems that impede the development of women’s entrepreneurship.


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