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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Eleven commercial banks of Uzbekistan were included to the list of 200 largest banks of the CIS on the size of assets. The list was published by Russia’s RIA Rating agency.

Rating agency RIA Rating carried out research of the banking sector of CIS and prepared the list of the 200 largest banks of the CIS in terms of their assets in the result of 2015.

The agency said it obtained data from open sources –public financial reports of the banks, statistic bulletins and other publications of the central banks of the CIS. RIA

The rating includes 200 largest banks from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Georgia is not also part of the CIS, but historically included to the rating.

The agency said that total assets of the banks of Uzbekistan made up US$23.2 billion as of 1 January 2016. The agency said that the assets of the Uzbek banks fell by 0.1% during 2015.

National Bank of Uzbekistan for Foreign Economic Activity recorded growth of assets by 5.8% - to US$5.61 billion. The bank is on the 30th place in ranking compared to 43rd place in last year’s ranking.

Uzpromstroybank claimed the 58th place in the ranking with the assets of US$3.23 billion. The agency said that the bank’s agency fell by 2% in 2015. The bank was on the 61st place in the ranking of previous year.

Asaka Bank moved from the 86th place to the 65th place. Assets of the Asaka Bank rose by 18.7% to US$2.58 billion in 2015.

Ipoteka Bank also improved its position in the ranking. The bank jumped from the 126th place in 2014 to 93rd place in 2015. The assets of Ipoteka Bank in 2015 made up US$1.55 billion, which rose by 15.1% compared to 2014.

Qishloq Qurilish Bank is on the 95th place in the ranking with the assets for US$1.49 billion. The growth of assets made up 5.6% in 2015. In previous year, the bank’s rating was on 122 place.

People’s Bank of Uzbekistan increased its assets by 1.4% in 2015 – to US$1.25 billion. In the result, the bank moved from the 133rd place to the 112th place in the ranking.

Agrobank holds the 114th place in the ranking of the 200 largest banks of the CIS in 2015 against 136th place in 2014. The assets of Agrobank fell by 3.3% in 2015 – to US$1.14 billion.

Hamkorbank moved from 191st place to the 124th place in new ranking as its assets grow by 47% in 2015 – to US$1.06 billion.

KDB Bank Uzbekistan claimed the 138th place, moving 24 positions up in new ranking. The assets of the bank made up US$0.94 billion in 2015, rising by 7.6% year-on-year.

Bank Ipak Yuli debuted in the ranking for the first time. In 2015, the bank’s assets grew by 20% in 2015 and made up US$0.63 billion. The bank is on 176th place.

Kapitalbank is another debutant in the ranking. Its assets exceeded US$0.63 billion in 2015, growing by 27.2% year-on-year. It holds the 179th place.


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