Mon 06 2016 11:02:41

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The Government of Uzbekistan approved a regulation on order of inspection for aviation security in civil aviation of Uzbekistan.

The document approved an order of withdrawal, storage periods, use or destruction of substances and items, prohibited for carriage on aircrafts.

The resolution said that items and products, prohibited for carriage on aircrafts, will be withdrawn without registration of act and will not admitted to the board of the airplanes.

The document underlined that the passenger will be responsible for violation of rules of transportation of goods and items on aircrafts.

Items and products, which are banned for transportation on aircrafts such as cylinders with gas, flammable paints, varnishes and other similar substances and objects) will be handed over to persons, accompanying passenger, or to storage based on the act.

If the stored products are not claimed within two months, they can be handed over to the National Security Service for further use or destroyed in line with the set order.

The passenger with products and items, storage or use of which envisage criminal and administrative responsibility (explosives, weapons, drugs, poisonous products, etc) will not be allowed to go on board of the airplane and will be handed over to officers of National Security Service or Interior Ministry to adopt decision on attracting person to responsibility.

The items, which can serve as tool for violence and threat against crew or passengers, but allowed to transport on aircraft, can be transported in luggage.


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