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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( - One of the main tasks of the country’s economy at all times is the development of agriculture and providing the population with quality products.

For these purposes, as well as in order to diversify products and create new jobs in rural areas, Avtosanoat Invest, a structure of Uzavtosanoat, began in September 2019 the construction of a greenhouse complex for growing agricultural and vegetable products.

The complex with an area of 12 hectares is being built using energy-efficient technologies, the hydroponic method, a system for saving water and fuel in the heating and heating cycle, and will become the largest project of this class in Uzbekistan.

This project is being implemented with the active assistance of the UzAuto Motors plant in the city of Pitnak, Khorezm region, in organizational matters - from recruiting to promoting the use of special equipment. Within the framework of the import substitution program, materials from the localization enterprises of the Uzavtosanoat JSC structure were used in the construction of the metal-structural part of the greenhouse complex. It is also planned to involve private entrepreneurs in the localization process in order to increase import substitution and assortment of localized parts of the metal frame. In particular, heating and access pipes were manufactured at the facilities of Avtokomponent JSC (Asaka), fastenings and joints on the stamping line of the Uz-Hanwoo LLC joint venture (Fergana).

An innovative approach to construction will create a modern complex that can yield about 1800 tons of tomatoes, 250 tons of strawberries and other agricultural products. Modern technologies in the form of drip irrigation, soil replacement systems and climate control as well as ICT tools will create an effective system with a high yield indicator, which will increase the export potential of Khorezm region. In addition, to improve the quality of the fruit, it is possible to regulate the vegetative period.

The proposal to organize a greenhouse complex was approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan during a visit to Khorezm region in November 2018, as a result of which Avtosanoat Invest LLC and Polat Qurilish Makoni LLC established equal shares of GREENHOUSE COMPANY LLC under the state private partnership (PPP). The total cost of the project is 7,892,890 US dollars, 3 million of which are allocated from own funds. It is planned that the project, the completion of which in October of this year, will provide employment for more than 150 people.


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