Tue 12 2015 10:21:11

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Uzbekistan will increase minimal wholesale and retail prices for alcohol, excluding beer, from 1 January 2016.

New prices were approved by joint resolution of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan from 3 December 2015.

According to the resolution, the minimal wholesale price for wine for producers makes up 4,500 soums per liter (now 3,800 soums, +18.42%), while minimal retail price – 5,400 soums (4,600 soums, +17.39%).

The minimal wholesale price for vodka and other alcohol products will rise from 9,000 soums to 10,500 soums per liter, a retail price – from 10,900 soums to 12,600 soums (+15.59%).

The minimal wholesale price for cognac increased from 11,100 soums to 13,900 soums per liter (+25.22%), while retail price jumped from 13,400 soums to 16,700 soums (+24.62%).

According to the legislation, it is banned to sell alcohol products at the price lower than set ones. The violation of the rules will lead to fines, while responsible people will be attracted to responsibility.


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