Project name:

The study of waste management system in Tashkent and Ferghana regions

Description of project:

Environmental protection and rational use of resources are inseparable from solving the problem of waste formation and disposal. The problem of waste management should be considered and addressed not as individual elements (collection, recycling, landfill, etc.) but as the problem of "proper waste management". Integrated management involves a goal which is to prevent and minimize, as much as possible, the generation of hazardous waste and processing of the waste so that they do not cause damage to the environment

Solid Waste Management
Tashkent abd Ferghana regions
Description of Services:

The consultant conducted a study of the following waste management system in Tashkent and Ferghana regions:

- system of collection and utilization of Solid Waste;

- disposal of solid waste in landfills;

- The impact of waste management system on the environment and climate.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, November - December, 2016

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