Project name:

Survey on relevance of higher education for Modernizing Higher Education Project. World Bank, Loan No.IDA 58040.

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Description of project:

The Modernizing Higher Education Project aims to strengthen Uzbekistan’s higher education system managerial capacity, and to improve both the labor market relevance and the learning environment of selected higher education institutions (HEIs). The MHEP consists of four components: (a) strengthening higher education management; (b) improving the learning environment in HEIs; (c) improving the relevance of higher education, and (d) project management. The project beneficiaries are: (i) students and teaching staff of technical HEIs; (ii) the MHSSE; (iii) Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education (SISQE), as the key independent quality assurance agency in Uzbekistan; and (iv) employers and industries working in Uzbekistan.

One of the defined indicators is “Increase in the index of labor market relevance of higher education perceived by students, civil society, and firms” for which baseline data needs to be determined at the beginning of the Project life and follow up data obtained at the mid-life and at the end of Project implementation (fourth and sixth year). It is envisioned that data for all collection cycles will be secured by conducting three methodologically identical surveys, focusing on Uzbek university graduates and employees as well as firms and civil society, as the main target for this assignment.  Additionally, by carrying out these surveys, MHSSE will be in the position to objectively monitor this indicator, since it represents clear inputs from the stakeholders’ perspective. 

International Development Association (IDA)
Republic of Uzbekistan
Description of Services:
Consultant is responsible for the following activities: 1) Designing survey methodology and tools including the representative sample; 2) Develop plan of actions including timeline for the survey; 3) Pre-test the survey methodology and tools; 4) Conduct the survey in all regions based on agreed upon methodology and tools; 5) Complete data entry and processing; 6) Analyze data and information collected during the survey; 7) Prepare analytical report based on the analysis including practical recommendations for the MHSSE, HEIs, and other relevant stakeholders; 8) Organize a workshop with the MHSSE, key stakeholders, World Bank representatives and other international organizations, in collaboration with the PMT, to present the main findings.
Status and Implementation Period:
ongoing, October, 2018

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