Project name:

Implement home visits data collection as a part of the Single Registry pilot assessment in Syrdarya region.

Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations
Description of project:

The objective of this task is to support Government to refine the targeting approach for low income family allowances by collecting data via face-to-face interviews at the household using a standardized questionnaire for conducting household visits which was developed and piloted by the World Bank. The questionnaire collects information on the set of proxies of living conditions in order to assess whether the income declared by the household corresponds to their living standards, so called proxy-means test.  questionnaire could be used to confirm eligibility after the income test, it will help verify eligibility rather than define it.

World Bank
Social sector
Syrdariya region
Description of Services:
The objective of the analysis is to use the survey data collected through this task in combination with data from the single registry to (1) assess potential errors of inclusion of the current eligibility rule used in Syrdarya; (2) analyze to what extent the lack of mandatory registration with the ESC excludes poor or relatively better-off households and how such requirement should be enforced and managed; (3) as a basis to develop a risk-profiling tool to identify cases of fraud and errors: the data collected through would aid to identify the profiles of households who are more likely to under-report or mis-report their income/assets and to develop an algorithm for the identification of high-risk cases that should be subject to home visit inspections (hence best targeting administrative expenses on such higher risk cases).
Status and Implementation Period:
ongoing, since February, 2021.

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