Project name:

Regional Road Development Project, IDA Credit No: 56790-UZ.

Cabinet of Ministers Road Fund
Description of project:

The Republic of Uzbekistan received funding from the World Bank (WB) to pay for the “Regional Road Development Project”. The implementing agency (IA) for the project is the Road Fund under the Cabinet of Ministers. The World Bank is financing part of these roads, namely the rehabilitation and improvement of 85 km in the Tashkent region. Road sections are located in the Zangiatinsky, Pskentsky, Urtachirchitsky and Yangiyulsky districts of the Tashkent region.

The overall objective of the consulting services is to ensure that construction is of high quality and that all work is completed in full accordance with the engineering design, technical specifications described in the construction contracts, and that all efforts be made by contractors to complete the construction at agreed prices and deadlines.

World Bank (WB)
Social sector
Zangiata, Pskent, Urtachirchitsky and Yangiyul districts of Tashkent region.
Description of Services:
The specific objectives of the assignment are: (i) Consider design and tender documentation, ensure safe and smooth construction; (ii) assist the Republican Road Fund (the “Client”) in managing contracts and supervising construction work to ensure their quality and timely completion; (iii) ensure the proper implementation of environmental and social protection measures in accordance with projects on project roads.
Status and Implementation Period:

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14 Bobur street, Yakkasaroy tumani Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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