Project name:

Project: Strengthening social protection system in Uzbekistan

Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations
Description of project:

The Uzbek government has announced an ambitious program of market reforms, and since late 2016, the new leadership has embarked on an ambitious economic modernization program to revive equitable growth for all Uzbek citizens. The government has embarked on a broad program of market-based reforms that includes five priority policy areas: improving public administration and state building; ensuring the rule of law; maintaining economic growth and liberalizing the economy; strengthening the system of social protection of the population; security. The World Bank supports the Government's mandate and significant efforts to strengthen, expand and consolidate social protection measures to support the poor and vulnerable groups, as well as those negatively affected by economic reforms, through the Strengthening Social Protection Project.

The goal of one of the components of the Project is to assess and implement the Unified Register (UR), as well as to improve the effectiveness of social benefits. The component aims to improve the effectiveness of key social interventions by improving the identification of the poor and vulnerable, as well as providing timely and predictable benefits to meet their needs. Component 1 is subdivided into 2 subcomponents. The purpose of sub-component 1.1 is to pilot development, implementation and expansion of the Unified Register. The objective of sub-component 1.2 is to improve the effectiveness of social benefits.

International Development Association (IDA)
Social sector
Syrdarya region
Description of Services:
The main objectives of consulting services: Objective 1: Assessment of processes / operating procedures and institutional arrangements (including IT management). Objective 2: Evaluation of EP software Objective 3: Conclusions and implementation plan Objective 4: Provide support in project management before and during the implementation of the EP Objective 5: Terms of Reference for IT Consulting Services Determining Future Improvements in EP Software
Status and Implementation Period:
ongoing, since October, 2020

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